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Thought for the Day

If you indeed cry out for insight,

and raise your voice to understanding;

if you seek it like silver,

and search for it as for hidden treasures–

then you will understand the fear of the LORD

and find the knowledge of God.

(Proverbs 2:3-5)


thought for the day

thought for the day

To see God’s hand in everything makes life a great adventure.

At my age, I should realize the fragility of life.  However, each time I learn of a friend’s death or serious illness or great tragedy, I am taken aback.  The strength shown by these friends (a spouse who loses a husband or wife, a friend diagnosed with a life threatening illness, or any other of  life’s tragedies) has bouyed me , and those I should be comforting instead give comfort to me.

Seeing these friends as they encounter very serious situations – continuing their journeys with grace and love  and great faith – further establishes the fact that God is here – with us.

God is with us

God is with us

learning discretion (my thought for the day)

“Discretion calls us to pray

before we speak and act.”

I need to be reminded daily to seek
guidance – to seek discernment.  Daily.


Speaking and Listening

The Way of Spiritual Direction

By Mary L. Fraser

Words that hold also release

like wood ducks whose mother sound

teaches the young to remember and to go;

the sameness gathers, then later, sends.

This is also like black oak whose leaves fall in spring

after the great gab of maple looses in the fall,

and you are knee-deep in brown, yellow, crimson, wondering what is left to say.

Let’s be recovered to ourselves

speaking only what slight edge

opens a new landscape

welcoming us like Jericho when

three days of silence held God’s thought

until the one shout

broke through the walls.

Let us remember this path in the journey of

our lexicon.

I am listening for your intent beneath your

competing emotions

for your possibility hidden in your language.

What do you remember?  Where will you go?

What sound gathers and sends you?

What is the season of your loss, the colors of

your change?

Speak this to me like ducklings or oaks or maples

or Jericho.

Remind me of The One who is Silent, announcing