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the guys – and two sneaky girls


Happy times . . . sadly, only two of these classmates are still living.  We have the memories . . .

Two sneaky gals interrupted the perfect lineup!

two gals snuck in!


Military – parents and children

Rattler Reunions

I really should have dated my Tucumcari photos (and all of my photos – as well as writing who is in the picture).  A little too late to think about that for these older Tucumcari photographs.

Posting on Life in Seguin and Other Aimless Musings some of the Rattler Reunion photographs.  I’m ashamed that I can’t recall the date of the reunion in that posting.  I rather doubt it was 1985 (although the clipping is that date).

Betty Martinez and Tommy Dean Fullerton have died since that reunion photograph was taken.  It won’t ever be the same when we all get together.  Betty died in 1999 and Tommy Dean in 1997 (I think that is correct).

Tommy Dean and his brother Ron attended every class reunion, I believe.  Ron died February 2000 in Shreveport, Louisiana.  God – we miss these classmates.

Rattler Reunions

The Tucumcari reunions are probably one of the largest in the nation.  In 2002, the Rattler Reunion brought between 3,000 and 4,000 people to the town (I’ve not found statistics for previous or more recent reunions, but I dare say that is about what it is each year).

Tucumcari has a population  listed at 5,123.  Thus, tourism (especially the Rattler Reunion) contributes greatly to Tucumcari economy.  The motels are full.  The restaurants are busy.  Folks shop for gifts, clothing – you name it.

Each reunion is hosted by the 30-year class.  Thus, the class of 1979 will be hosting this year’s reunion and the class of 1959 will be honored.  Each class will have separate class activities, i.e., perhaps a breakfast for the Class of 1956 or hot dogs by the pool, lunch at someone’s residence.  There is a  golf tournment.  All of the classes will come together for the Saturday night dance and dinner.

A lot of planning, a great deal of preparation, much work, and networking goes into the annual Rattler Reunion.  It is BIG deal and is always great fun.  As I’ve mentioned in another posting, there is usually some interaction with the Rattler Reunion and the XIT reunion in Dalhart.  This is one of the most fun weekends to be had!

However, I believe that this year the XIT reunion will be the first full weekend of August (which is the 7th and 8th) and the Rattler reunion will be the last of July and 1st of August.

I’ve posted a photo from the 1976 reunion (the first one I attended) of some members of the Class of 1956 on my “Photo Blog” Life in Seguin and Other Aimless Musings.

Tucumcari Reunions

Jumpin’ Jehosophat!

When I began going through the Tucumcari photographs, more and more memories came to the fore and I’m having a great time savoring them.

The Tucumcari reunions are held each year during the first full weekend in August.  It is so helpful to just set a permanent date; everyone knows that the first full weekend in August is REUNION TIME.

As is the case in all towns, I suppose, high school athletics is very very important.  Several years ago, Billy Jack Turnbeaugh,  wanted to recognize the best Tucumcari high school football players. Billy Jack embarked on a large project and although the book about these players was published several years ago, I’ve yet to read it.  This book is definitely on my To Read List.

More Tucumcari photos on what I term my Photo Blog: Life in Seguin and Other Aimless Musings.

Tucumcari memories – more

I don’t know when Tucumcari dropped the name Sixshooter Siding and became Tucumcari but when we lived there, it was Tucumcari.

We lived in Tucumcari from about 1942 until we moved to Farmington the last of August 1953.  My childhood years were thus spent in Tucumcari and I have some fond memories of the place and the people.  I’ve attended some of the Tucumcari reunions and there have been years when there were about 1000 attendees.  So many folks at one time or another lived for a period of time in Tucumcari and these reunions are for anyone who ever lived there (even for a short while).  It is great fun!

An aside:  The XIT Ranch reunion in Dalhart  is always held the same weekend as the Tucumcari reunion and sometimes, there is some traveling back and forth to both reunions.

Of course, when Route 66 was ‘active,’ there was a lot going on in Tucumcari.  I remember that some of the Broadway and Hollywood entertainers would bus through and sometimes give a performance in Tucumcari.  They quite likely thought of this as a rehearsal.  Everyone drove on Route 66 – before interstate and super highways!

Posted a 1952 snapshot of classmates Barry Copeland and Frank Daly on what I am now thinking of as my Photo Blog at Life in Seguin and Other Aimless Musings.

If you are from Tucumcari, perhaps you can help identify some of the Rattler basketball players in the photograph I’ve posted on that site.  Would be delighted to hear from some Tucumcari folks.