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Left Brain’s grocery list

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Many many years ago at an Oilfield Haulers Convention in New Orleans, we heard Jeanne Robertson speak.  She was hilarious and so very beautiful (which is not surprising as she was Miss North Carolina).  She reached her height of 6 foot something when she entered high school.  She  went to college on a basketball scholarship.

I was delighted to discover she is still speaking and motivating.  She still has her special kind of humor.   She is still beautiful.

And I could listen to this talk about Left Brain’s grocery list over and over – I find myself laughing as though I were hearing it for the first time.

An aside:  I’ve been searching for some of those New Orleans photos for I have one of Dear Husband and Jeanne Robertson.  Of course, she towers over my husband and had a lot of fun with him – requesting that he roll up his pants legs to get an idea of what she went through when she was in the Miss America Pageant as Miss North Carolina and cracking jokes about her height and how all of the guys wanted to dance with her at the school dances . . .


Swing Dance

I had never seen  Swing Dance exhibitions until several years ago when we visited New Orleans.  Flew into New Orleans  late in the evening and searched for a restaurant near the hotel before retiring for the night.  We were staying at the Pontchartrain Hotel and directly across the street was The Red Room (if memory serves . . . and memory doesn’t always cooperate  – but I think it was called the Red Room – and after Hurricane Katrina, I believe it is called the Cricket Room).  We decided to grab a bite to eat at this restaurant  before retiring and getting ready for A Big Day in New Orleans the next morning.

To our surprise, there was a group of young and enthusiastic swing dancers – and they were great!  It was a marvelous way to begin a two-day visit to New Orleans.

Don Welch, a good friend of mine (of over 50 years) competes in Swing Dance (he was a great dancer in high school . . . and is most certainly an accomplished dancer in 2009).  He and his partner Peggy Allen recently won a Master’s competition in Boogie by the Bay (October 2009)– in his age division — which is MY age division — although I don’t compete in anything . . . except keepin’ on keepin’ on.

The above video is from a 2007 swing dance competition of Don and his partner Peggy Allen (they were winners then also).

He is soooo smoooth . . . and he and Peggy are such a delight to watch as they effortlessly glide around the dance floor.

Trivia note:  when several of us ‘old’  friends were in Dallas a few years ago, we went to a dance club and every woman in the place was coming up, asking Don to dance – after seeing him dance with some of us.  He was in great demand!

Lost River

The store clerks would recognize her as one
of the Garden District wives who

Lost River by David Fulmer

spent their days shopping and socializing while the colored help did the housework and raised the children.  These women all appeared to have been cut from a mold, hair swirled and pinned in Parisian style, and dressed in the latest fashions from the Continent by way of Mayer Israel’s racks.

Most of the ladies had enjoyed a privileged upbringing that had led to a privileged marriage.  Evelyne was the wife of Benoit Dallencort, a scion of one of the city’s best families, with a lineage of wealth and prominence going back over a hundred years to the time when New Orleans was still a French city.  Claiming this pedigree, she had assumed her wifely duties with a placid grace.  She bore her aging husband two children and managed their Pierrer Street mansion.  She arranged social events and made appearances at the charities at the Opera House.  Indeed, she performed with such skill that no one considered that a serpent lay coiled in her breast.

Lost River by David Fulmer