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” An Angel for Avery”

High school classmate J. K. Lamkin sent a beautiful Christmas card (as she does every year).

J. K. Lamkin is an artist who lives in Taos, New Mexico and her art reflects the colors and traditions of New Mexico. She titled this work “An Angel for Avery.”

J. K. Lamkin’s representational work shows a warmth and compassion of living within the land, rather that upon it. Non-objective, Lamkin’s work probes a highly emotional and intensely spiritual response to her world. It shows sensitive and dynamic introspection with a deep concern for the essence of freedom. Every color has a symbolic meaning.

An Angel for Avery

the truckin’ days

B. F. Walker, Inc.

I can’t remember the year that Hubby began working for B. F. Walker, Inc.  He was working for Halliburton Oil Company when we first met (in Farmington, New Mexico during the BIG oil and gas boom in the Four Corners area in the 1950s).  Shortly after he came back from his stint in the Army he began employment with B. F. Walker (a subsidiary of  Noble Corporation).

In 1983 when we were living in Denver,  Hubby and a friend purchased B. F. Walker and those trucks provided our bucks until DH retired and we moved from Denver to Seguin, Texas.

My!  The turns life takes . . . or the choices we make I guess I should say – it was been a marvelous journey!   We have dear friends from all of the places we have lived or visited and I’m especially counting my blessings during this Holy Season.

B. F. Walker was incorporated in 1939 in Arkansas.  The company initially had horse-driven wagons, I understand.

Trivia:  a trucking company purchased a poem my mother wrote about a truckdriver and printed it on business cards to give to all of their truckdrivers.  How I would like to have one of those cards now.  When my mom and my dad were dating (in the 1930s), he was driving a truck loaded with potatoes from the northeastern part of New Mexico to the southern part of New Mexico (I imagine on a daily basis).  He was quite likely the flirty truckdriver she penned.

Although she never told me, I imagine they were in his truck when they eloped to Tucumcari, New Mexico in 1937! Perhaps on a potato run??

Wordless Wednesday – (Tuesday evening)

Caldwell Ladies Retreat in Red River – summer 1992

gorgeous sisters - gorgeous Red River, New Mexico

gorgeous sisters . . . gorgeous Red River

Went to the Michael Martin Murphy Concert.








Shared Communion.


Sang songs.


It was a marvelous time together.


Chewing gum good for your health??

Chew on this!

This article brought back the memory of a delightful lunch in Gruene, Texas – with a cute bubble blowing waitress!

DubbleBubbleGumIt also brought back memories of our Caldwell Ladies Retreat in Red River, New Mexico – when we had a bubble gum-blowing contest!  Although I don’t remember who was the winner (or IF there was a winner), there are a great many good memories from that retreat.


Wordless Wednesday



I sought my soul,


but my soul I could not see.

I sought my God,

but my God eluded me.

I sought my brother

and I found all three.

~Author Unknown

Remembering Ray

ray - obituary


Korea – “the punchbowl”
(This photo may be  the site of the ‘punchbowl’ in Korea)

The 1st Marine Division, of course, was in the thick of it. Leathernecks who took part will never forget the push from the Soyang River to the Punchbowl through some of the most forbidding mountain country in Korea. The fighting was savage at times, and one Marine regiment had more battle casualties in June 1951 than it suffered during the entire Chosin Reservoir breakout.

Ray had an older brother killed in Korea; Berlin Caldwell was also a Marine.


New Mexico Gunslingers

In Colfax County, New Mexico, everyone carried a gun –

back then

. . . these snapshots portray a little bit of play-acting with guns and ropes

. . . and fun.

Ray – smiling

Ray watches Johnny and Ransom fixing a flat tire (no wonder he is smiling!)

ray watching johnny-b_final