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Left Brain’s grocery list

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Many many years ago at an Oilfield Haulers Convention in New Orleans, we heard Jeanne Robertson speak.  She was hilarious and so very beautiful (which is not surprising as she was Miss North Carolina).  She reached her height of 6 foot something when she entered high school.  She  went to college on a basketball scholarship.

I was delighted to discover she is still speaking and motivating.  She still has her special kind of humor.   She is still beautiful.

And I could listen to this talk about Left Brain’s grocery list over and over – I find myself laughing as though I were hearing it for the first time.

An aside:  I’ve been searching for some of those New Orleans photos for I have one of Dear Husband and Jeanne Robertson.  Of course, she towers over my husband and had a lot of fun with him – requesting that he roll up his pants legs to get an idea of what she went through when she was in the Miss America Pageant as Miss North Carolina and cracking jokes about her height and how all of the guys wanted to dance with her at the school dances . . .


cakes and humor and mistakes that have a good outcome

I could watch Jeanne Robertson’s videos over and over again and laugh as though it was the first time I was viewing them (I’ve only seen her perform in person one time and that was many years ago).

Having never made a 7-Up Cake, I decided (after laughing out loud for the umpteenth time at Jeanne’s humorous monologue about Left Brain’s Grocery List),  to bake this cake.  It is very good.  I made it last night after coming home from a late dinner at El Ranchito. It was close to midnight when the cake came out of the oven.  AFTER putting it in the oven, I realized that  I had not really prepared the pan, i.e., I had greased it – but neglected the flour.  Of course, I fretted about this for the next hour and 45 minutes.

Naturally, the outside of the cake was a dark brown (for let’s face it – lard/grease is used for frying!).  AND if I made this cake again, I plan to prepare the pan the exact same way! Both hubby and I love the crusty outside of the cake and the moist inner cake.  It is soooo good!