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Wordless Wednesday (Tuesday evening)

wordless Wednesday (on Tuesday)


grandchildren tug at the heartstrings

a granddaughter's tribute to her granddaddy

SUPER GRANDDADDY - the 4th in a series - drawn about 2003

Granddaughters and grandsons

absolutely delight us!!!

Grandsons write poetry and act in plays.

Granddaughters perform in Shakespeare plays and leave little notes to be discovered.

We are so grateful for our grandchildren!

granddaughters are so creative and innovative and resourceful!

My little Craft Artist

My little Craft Artist

skating in the Sagewood neighborhood

young granddaughters are VERY good at Scrabble and Gin Rummy

Scrabble Master

Scrabble Master

taylor_scrabble_blog (2)Granddaughters are such fun!