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New Mexico Gunslingers

In Colfax County, New Mexico, everyone carried a gun –

back then

. . . these snapshots portray a little bit of play-acting with guns and ropes

. . . and fun.


I do what ??


family photographs – telling our story


If the family were a fruit,

it would be an orange,

a circle of sections,

held together but separable

each segment distinct.

~Letty Cottin Pogrebin

old photographs speak volumes


Dust on the Pictures
by Raymond A. Foss

Memories fade,
distances grow,
dust builds
on the pictures,
the moment of our lives
accumulate, separate
our pasts from our present
life picks up the pace
each day less of our life’s journey
moving quicker and quicker
as each day fills
dust on the pictures
of our lives
on the mantle,
the wall, the table
in our hearts
Pull them out,
dust them off
reflect and remember
maybe give a call
send a letter
to the loved ones
in the pictures

Leroy Webb The Last Cowboy

Leroy Webb - Tucumcari, New Mexico

Donn Davis, member of the Cowboy Hall of Fame:

“Leroy Webb is the best cowboy that I’ve ever known, and I’ll back that up any day!  He doesn’t have a big ego, doesn’t use profanity, and I’ve never seen him lose his temper.  He’s never tried to be a ladies’ man or big time cowboy — he’s just a true gentleman.”

Carlos Ortiz, former manager of the Arnett Clabber Hill Ranch:

“If Leroy had ever decided to focus in on rodeos, he would have been a world champion roper.  It would have been hard to catch him because everything he did, he did it right.  He’s like a god to me.  When he’s gone, there won’t be any more like him. He’s one of a kind.”

Leroy Webb - at home

Leroy Webb - at home

last cowboy_blog

Leroy Webb The Last Cowboy is the story of my uncle Leroy and of course he isn’t really the last cowboy, but he is certainly a cowboy!  Davis Ford (Dr. Davis L. Ford) has written two books about Leroy; one is  a children’s book – which my grandchildren love.

One day I will post photographs of Leroy’s quarterhorse Pawnee Eagle.

Pawnee Eagle was a  champion quarterhorse.

In 2008, Leroy was awarded the Buck Ramsey Heritage Award.