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” An Angel for Avery”

High school classmate J. K. Lamkin sent a beautiful Christmas card (as she does every year).

J. K. Lamkin is an artist who lives in Taos, New Mexico and her art reflects the colors and traditions of New Mexico. She titled this work “An Angel for Avery.”

J. K. Lamkin’s representational work shows a warmth and compassion of living within the land, rather that upon it. Non-objective, Lamkin’s work probes a highly emotional and intensely spiritual response to her world. It shows sensitive and dynamic introspection with a deep concern for the essence of freedom. Every color has a symbolic meaning.

An Angel for Avery

the guys – and two sneaky girls


Happy times . . . sadly, only two of these classmates are still living.  We have the memories . . .

Two sneaky gals interrupted the perfect lineup!

two gals snuck in!

squaw dress and Nash Ramblers and parsonages


Wearing one of the squaw dresses my Mother designed and stitched – sitting atop my Dad’s green Nash Rambler – at the side of the house we lived in (formerly a parsonage)  during the 1950s in Farmington, New Mexico.

“The Squaw Dress, a categorization label for several types of one- and two-piece dresses, was a regional style in the American Southwest in the late 1940s and became a national dress trend in the 1950s. Its defining feature, a full, tiered skirt, came in three shapes: (1) a slightly gathered skirt based on Navajo dress; (2) a “broomstick” or pleated skirt based on Navajo and Mexican attire; and (3) a fully gathered, three-tiered skirt based on contemporary Western Apache Camp Dresses or Navajo attire. In addition to the common designation of Squaw Dress, dresses with the third skirt type were also called Fiesta, Kachina, Tohono, or Patio Dress (depending on the type of decoration); the former two styles were called Navajo Dresses. Squaw Dresses were extremely popular because of their comfort and regional indigenous associations. They represented both idealized femininity and Americanness because of their Native American origins.”

Excerpted from:

What’s in a name? The 1940s-1950s “Squaw Dress”
By Parezo, Nancy J.
Publication: The American Indian Quarterly


Caldwell Ladies Retreat in Red River – summer 1992

gorgeous sisters - gorgeous Red River, New Mexico

gorgeous sisters . . . gorgeous Red River

Went to the Michael Martin Murphy Concert.








Shared Communion.


Sang songs.


It was a marvelous time together.


Chewing gum good for your health??

Chew on this!

This article brought back the memory of a delightful lunch in Gruene, Texas – with a cute bubble blowing waitress!

DubbleBubbleGumIt also brought back memories of our Caldwell Ladies Retreat in Red River, New Mexico – when we had a bubble gum-blowing contest!  Although I don’t remember who was the winner (or IF there was a winner), there are a great many good memories from that retreat.


we live in a make believe world

When my sister was returning to Albuquerque after attending our uncle’s memorial service, she briefly wondered if she was in another country when she was driving through Las Vegas, New Mexico.  The movie companies shoot a lot of films in that area (such as No Country for Old Men).

Sure enough:  the overpass she photographed is being used as the set for an upcoming movie starring Robert Downey, Jr. and Juliette Lewis.


Who knows what is real anymore??


New Mexico Gunslingers

In Colfax County, New Mexico, everyone carried a gun –

back then

. . . these snapshots portray a little bit of play-acting with guns and ropes

. . . and fun.

Hallmark greeting card competition

While viewing greeting cards the other day, I came upon the Hallmark Greeting Cards sent to Hallmark by folks just like me (i.e., ordinary); they were great!  I especially liked one of four women – a mother with three daughters who had their faces plastered with green facial ‘goop’ and smiles on their faces.  The winner of that competition was from Texas – “You are never too old to go green.”

View some of the winners.

There were photographs of children, pets, sports events, guys, objects – you name it.  Current photos.  Old photos.  Funny pictures.  Serious pictures.  It was great fun viewing these cards!



I love my sister and my brother . . . so very much . . .


apologies to Farmington friends

spelling errors cartoonWhy do I always notice the glaring typographical errors AFTER the Scorpio Tales newsletter is printed and copies are mailed????

Apologies – for past mistakes . . . and for future errors.