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Remembering Aspen, Colorado

Sometimes – especially in the fall and winter, I do miss the Rocky Mountains and remember times in Denver, Aspen, Vail, Georgetown, Creede, and Glenwood Springs (and Estes Park, Grand Junction . . . and so many other mountain towns).  These were good times.

As NOW is a good time.

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.

John Muir

Merry Christmas Colorado Friends!

the truckin’ days

B. F. Walker, Inc.

I can’t remember the year that Hubby began working for B. F. Walker, Inc.  He was working for Halliburton Oil Company when we first met (in Farmington, New Mexico during the BIG oil and gas boom in the Four Corners area in the 1950s).  Shortly after he came back from his stint in the Army he began employment with B. F. Walker (a subsidiary of  Noble Corporation).

In 1983 when we were living in Denver,  Hubby and a friend purchased B. F. Walker and those trucks provided our bucks until DH retired and we moved from Denver to Seguin, Texas.

My!  The turns life takes . . . or the choices we make I guess I should say – it was been a marvelous journey!   We have dear friends from all of the places we have lived or visited and I’m especially counting my blessings during this Holy Season.

B. F. Walker was incorporated in 1939 in Arkansas.  The company initially had horse-driven wagons, I understand.

Trivia:  a trucking company purchased a poem my mother wrote about a truckdriver and printed it on business cards to give to all of their truckdrivers.  How I would like to have one of those cards now.  When my mom and my dad were dating (in the 1930s), he was driving a truck loaded with potatoes from the northeastern part of New Mexico to the southern part of New Mexico (I imagine on a daily basis).  He was quite likely the flirty truckdriver she penned.

Although she never told me, I imagine they were in his truck when they eloped to Tucumcari, New Mexico in 1937! Perhaps on a potato run??

Is Laffite’s still in Larimer Square in Denver??

We have so many Denver memories – one of which was sometimes going to Lafitte’s after seeing a play at the downtown theatre.  Is Lafitte’s still in Denver??  Larimer Square had so many interesting shops and great restaurants.  Guess I’m getting homesick for a place that isn’t my home anymore.

Speaking of performances at the theater (Denver Center for Performing Arts):  a memorable play was the one-act play with Henry Fonda as Clarence Darrow.  Fonda gave a mesmerizing performance.  I think that play was directed by John Houseman (but I could be mistaken).  Does anyone remember the television series “The Paper Chase” starring Houseman?  I thought that was one of the better television programs (I rarely watch television these days).  And of course John Houseman also did commercials for the brokerage firm of Smith Barney.  {Boy!  I am really dating myself, aren’t I?}

When we saw A Shot in the Dark, Hubby slept through most of it – until the ‘shot in the dark’ – the blank gunshot woke him up with a start!  If memory serves, James Keach was in this play (now probably best known because he married actress Jane Seymour and is Stacey Keach’s brother).

Oh!  Another great play we saw at the Denver Center for Performing Arts was The Four Poster with Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy.  Their performances were flawless.

Well!  I certainly am waxing nostalgic and nattering on and on  – about a time years ago in a city in which we no longer live.  But the Denver years were great.  As were the Houston years (both times) and the Farmington years . . . and now the Seguin years (I wasn’t  that thrilled with  the one Dallas year!).

RTD Art – Denver, Colorado


Marilyn Van Derbur Interview

Thank God for Guadalupe County

Children’s Advocacy Center

Miss America by Day


We were living in Farmington, New Mexico in 1958 when Marilyn Van Derbur was crowned Miss America.  She was (and still is) a  beautiful woman.  She has been a motivational speaker for several years and although I’ve not heard her in person, I have heard audio portions of some of her speeches.  We are so very fortunate to have the Guadalupe County Children’s Advocacy Center here in Seguin who can help children who were abused as was Marilyn Van Derbur.  In the 1950s, no one even spoke about child abuse as we are able to  do today.  Thank God we have come a long way and help is now available for these children – and for adults who had such horrific childhoods.

You can hear Marilyn Van Derbur’s story at this site.

When we lived in Denver, I recall occasionally reading about Francis Van Derbur (Kappa Sigma Man of the Year) and his wife Gwendolyn “Boots” Olinger Van Derbur. Van Derbur was a millionaire businessman and he and his wife  were philanthropists and socialites in Denver; they were very involved in all aspects of Denver life.

I read Miss America by Day in 2003 (the year it was published) and know that Marilyn Van Derbur has since helped many women and men who have similar stories.

granddaughters are so creative and innovative and resourceful!

My little Craft Artist

My little Craft Artist

skating in the Sagewood neighborhood

Grandsons – coming and going

Oldest grandson goes back to Denver

Oldest grandson goes back to Denver

flying Southwest Airlines

flying Southwest Airlines

seeing grandson off - kinda hate to see him leave

seeing grandson off - kinda hate to see him leave - it was a great visit

hand dryer in the ladies' room at the San Antonio airport

hand dryer in the ladies' room at the San Antonio airport

staying connected at the airport

staying connected at the airport

leaving San Antonio Airport with youngest son - on the way to Seguin

leaving San Antonio Airport with youngest grandson - on the way to Seguin

Our Ladies of the Tenderloin

Colorado's Legends in Lace

Colorado's Legends in Lace

“I went into the sporting life for business reasons and no other.  It was a way for a woman in those days to make money and I made it.” – Mattie Silks

With the discovery of gold in 1858, the population of Colorado’s Rocky Mountain region exploded.  On the heels of greenhorns and tenderfeet, eager to strike it rich, came the women, and usually for the same reasons.  And many of the early female arrivals were “ladies of the evening.”

Historical accounts of  “our ladies” can be found in newspaper archives, particularly obituaries and criminal cases.  Other sources include census records, cemetery records, and a few business directories.  However, a majority of prostitutes lived in shades of gray.  By moving from town to town and by changing their names and inventing past lives, the identities of these women constantly evolved.  Today it is often difficult to separate historical truth and folklore.

Out of this world

Helping the Homeless

I’ve never seen an unidentified flying object.  However, having lived in New Mexico, I have heard about the Roswell sightings and in my own home town of Farmington, New Mexico, there were reputed sightings.

Whether you think these unidentified objects sightings have an earthbound explanation (I’m in this category)  or come from other worlds, the project to help the homeless is admirable.

Denver’s homeless will soon get help from a close encounter with UFOs. In this case, “ufo” means “Unique Funding Opportunity”. It starts this weekend, June 6 & 7, at the People’s Fair at Civic Center Park in Denver. But the extraterrestrial kind of UFO is closely related. The renewed ballot initiative campaign to create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission in Denver is behind the fund-raising effort.

Welcome to Earth Project