My Hughey Lineage

There are so many nationalities coursing through my veins that I am sometimes in a quandry as to what to circle or mark on questionnaires that ask the Nationality Question.  The worn-out saying  that “my ancestors met your ancestors” who floated in on the seas applies; my Cherokee ancestors were here in order for my Scottish ancestor John Foreman to marry Susie Gourd “Kah-tah-yah” /Gourd (Rattling-gourd), a full-blood Cherokee of the Paint Clan (at least my point of view is that it Was Meant To Be).

My great grandfather Robert Walker “Bob” Sammon left Georgia (with short stays in Texas and Oregon) to settle in New Mexico and marry my great grandmother Maria de los Santos Leal, whose Leal family was in New Mexico long before it was a state.  Quite likely (haven’t connected all of the dots yet), my Coca ancestor was with Don Juan Oñate when he traveled from Spain to Mexico to New Mexico and this Coca ancestor’s descendants were the recipients of a section of the Mora Land Grant.

Now – all of this genealogy ‘stuff’ is of interest to . . . probably only me . . . but here ’tis (in the event that there are other Hughey – and related families – researchers Out There in the Blogosphere).


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  1. My grandmother was born in Union Co. SC-Some of her ancestor’s surnames in Union Co. were Jones, Byars, Pridmore, Jasper,Brown, Crocker, George, and probably a few more.

  2. We may have more than one connection, Susan! [perhaps the Jones line]

  3. My Hughey lineage is also off John Hughey of Union, S.C. I’m off your Thomas’ big brother, John Hughey. My John and his brother James P. Hughey both travelled by ox cart to Central Florida and helped to settle the cities of Orlando, Sanford, and Kissimmee. I am off John Hughey’s second wife, Hannah Pearson Hughey.

    Anyway, “HELLO CUZ”.

    Ken Hughey,

    Lakeland, Florida

  4. Hope, Please contact me – I am trying to find out where you took the picture of the Caldwell family and also want to give you credit as the source.

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