My Smallwood Ancestors

I’ve not done any genealogy research regarding my Smallwood ancestors since we lived in Denver (and that has been a long time!).  My research is certainly not written in stone; there are quite likely some errors and many more sources are available on the internet (I wasn’t using the internet when I began my research, rather I was ferreting out information in various libraries and county and state archives).  However, one must be careful about information on the internet and I always look for verification with primary or secondary sources.

My great-great grandmother Malinda Smallwood was born in Kentucky and married Beckwith Butler (the family legend is that he was a descendant of the same Butler family as President George Washington, but I’ve found no proof of that).

Beckwith and Matilda lived in Vermillion County, Indiana and later settled in Douglas County, Illinois.  They had children:  Sarah Elizabeth, Hannah Jane, Lawrence A., Nancy, Lewis, Malinda, John, Elmer “Ellsworth”, and Emma Butler.  I descend from Sarah Elizabeth Butler who married David Coslet January 9, 1868 in Tuscola, Douglas County, Illinois.

James and Hester Smallwood are listed in First Families of Maryland.

Descendants of Maryland Lt. Col. James Smallwood are eligible for membership in The Order of the First Families of Maryland, provided they document their lineage.


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  1. Janice Smallwood Carlton

    Lt. Col. James Smallwood is my 9th great grandfather. I am so appreciative of the information you’ve provided in this post. I may have to apply for membership to the First Families of Maryland once I get all the lineage documented more officially. I find it fascinating. Feel free to email if you have any questions.

    • Thank you, Janice. I appreciate your offer. I put this research on the back burner, but the interest is always there – simmering.

      I too find it fascinating. Most interested in what you find as you continue the research.


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