This kitchen is a WINNER!

Durango’s Mexican Kitchen was a most pleasant surprise (not that I didn’t think it would be good Mexican food – but it surpassed ‘good’).

The service was personal but not intrusive and the wait persons were efficient and friendly.  The appetizer of cheese topped with chilies was marvelous!  The entrees were delicious.  The Tortilla Soup was oh-so-very-good!  We will be coming back to this restaurant again and again to try some of the other dishes – the menu is quite extensive.

This restaurant is most definitely a Winner!


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  1. Durango’s Mexican Kitchen was very good! I’ve been there several times and the atmosphere is great. I like going there on Friday night’s. They have live singing with a mix of english and spanish song’s. It’s a great place to eat some good food and listen to some music with your family.

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