Rhino Ranch

One of these days, I plan/hope to visit Larry McMurtry’s bookstore in Archer City, Texas.  One of these days.

“Maybe we should start a little fencing company ourselves,” Duane suggested.  “I could run it–it would give me something to do that I understand.”

“That’s not a bad idea–only I wouldn’t want you to do the heavy work.”

“Bulldozers and heavy diggers and cranes and winches do the heavy work now,” Duane reminded Dickie.  “I’d just sit in the cool and supervise.”

“That’s not a bad idea,” Dickie said.

But his mind was on Casey Kincaid, who was idly reading e-mails. . . .

“Let’s think about taking over the fencing, anyway,” Duane said.  “And if Casey ain’t doing anything crucial maybe she could run me home.”

“I bet she could,” Dickie said.  “Casey’s never doing anything important, except reminding me that I’m male.

“But you’re male too,” he added.

“Only off and on,” Duane said.

It has been years since I read The Last Picture Show and of course remember the movieThalia, Texas.  Duane Moore.  Jeff Bridges.  Ben Johnson.

Now here is Duane Moore once again – at the Rhino Ranch.  This is supposedly McMurtry’s last book about Duane.

My very favorite McMurtry book is probably Horseman, Pass By (of course – my 1998 flood story – lost that book and have not replaced it).

Rhino Ranch is proving to be a fun read.


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