Is Laffite’s still in Larimer Square in Denver??

We have so many Denver memories – one of which was sometimes going to Lafitte’s after seeing a play at the downtown theatre.  Is Lafitte’s still in Denver??  Larimer Square had so many interesting shops and great restaurants.  Guess I’m getting homesick for a place that isn’t my home anymore.

Speaking of performances at the theater (Denver Center for Performing Arts):  a memorable play was the one-act play with Henry Fonda as Clarence Darrow.  Fonda gave a mesmerizing performance.  I think that play was directed by John Houseman (but I could be mistaken).  Does anyone remember the television series “The Paper Chase” starring Houseman?  I thought that was one of the better television programs (I rarely watch television these days).  And of course John Houseman also did commercials for the brokerage firm of Smith Barney.  {Boy!  I am really dating myself, aren’t I?}

When we saw A Shot in the Dark, Hubby slept through most of it – until the ‘shot in the dark’ – the blank gunshot woke him up with a start!  If memory serves, James Keach was in this play (now probably best known because he married actress Jane Seymour and is Stacey Keach’s brother).

Oh!  Another great play we saw at the Denver Center for Performing Arts was The Four Poster with Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy.  Their performances were flawless.

Well!  I certainly am waxing nostalgic and nattering on and on  – about a time years ago in a city in which we no longer live.  But the Denver years were great.  As were the Houston years (both times) and the Farmington years . . . and now the Seguin years (I wasn’t  that thrilled with  the one Dallas year!).


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  1. No, sadly the great Laffite’s (as I remember it one of my late father’s favorite restaurants in Denver proper) was torn down I would say in the early 1970’s. Still remember their huge sign on the side of the building and how it was illuminated at night so that you could see it for miles away.

  2. Rich in Northern AZ

    I was a Navy Ensign being trained for months at Lowry AFB in 1966, I had a private income, and my girl friend and I would go to LaFite’s all the time. Great steaks and lobster. There was a piano bar in the lower level, and after plays many cast members would go there and sing. Great memories. The management would always honor my out of state (Illinois)checks! Denver was just great; Stapleton airport overlooking the city; easy to get around, and cheap apartments—my “luxury” apartment was brandnew and was $135 per month.

    • Oh, thanks for your Denver Memory, Rich! I loved to go there, also. Brings back some great memories of Denver, Larimer Square, the restaurants. Now, Stapleton Airport property contains a Medical Center.

  3. I remember Laffites as a place in the mid 70’s, I couldn’t afford but the piano bar really was an attraction. One drink and we were gone but hey, it was what we wanted.

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