snapshots – 16th Annual Conservation Society Christmas Home Tour

No particular rhyme or reason regarding the order of these snapshots; we didn’t visit all of the homes on the Christmas Tour of Homes.

The ones we saw were stunning.  The oldest was built in 1838 (and additions made in later years).

All of the homes were beautifully decorated for Christmas.

This event benefits the Seguin Conservation Society.  The Society is dedicated to preserving historic buildings, objects and places in Seguin and Guadalupe County.  For fifty years, the Conservation Society has acquired and renovated threatened buildings, celebrated historical events, and engaged our community in understanding and remembering our shred heritage.  our properties now include Los Nogales, the Dietz Doll House, the Campbell Log Cabin, the First Church,the Moore House and the Texas Theatre.


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  1. I caught my typo – “CONVERSATION”/Conservation . . . don’t know where that came from – but it tickled my funny bone!

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