Would you believe it??

Would you believe it?

A movie with a plot!

We saw Blind Side at the King Ranger Theater and enjoyed it tremendously.  The acting was good (Sandra Bullock gave a very good performance; Tim McGraw surprised me with his acting; Kathy Bates is always good; the supporting actors were convincing – great ensemble acting).

Richard Corliss [writing in Time Magazine] doesn’t agree.

An aside:  Tim McGraw is from Hubby’s neck of the woods and made a sizeable donation (probably several) to his hometown of Start, Louisiana.

Although I had heard of Michael Oher (what do I know about football??), Hubby certainly did know of Oher/and does know football –  and of course, he recognized all of the coaches in the movie – real coaches playing real coaches.

A Second Aside:  I remember Lou Saban (coach Nick Saban’s father; Nick plays himself in the movie) from the years when he was in Denver and he is on the Hall of Honor at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado (the father Lou – not the son).

Perhaps it is some of those remembrances that also made the movie fun for me.  The fun for DH was recognizing some of the football teams (film footage at the beginning of the movie) and all of the coaches.

And I repeat: it was just pleasurable to see a movie that had a real plot . . . with real acting.  With Academy Awards on the horizon, perhaps we will be seeing some more worthwhile movies (do I sound jaded??).

Sean and Leigh Toohey with Michael OherLeigh Ann Toohey (if you see the movie, you will learn that Leigh Ann and Sean Toohey adopted Michael Oher — see the movie!) said that “God gives people money to see how you’re going to handle it.”

Sean Toohey, Michael Oher, Leigh AnnToohey in photo

The Ballad of Big Mike


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