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  1. That is worth four sentences. Great stuff!

    I recently finished reading Hemingway’s Complete Short Stories, which I found impossible to “review” but wrote about here.

    Now you have me intrigued by his nonfiction short pieces. I want to track down this book.

  2. From the book’s jacket:

    “When Hemingway began to write for the Toronto Star, he was completely unknown: his work had been published only in high school periodicals, in Oak Park, Illinois, and in the Kansas City Star, where he was an anonymous cub reporter.

    … From these years in Toronto, and reporting for Toronto readers as their foreign correspondent, came the creative writer and the author of some of the finest short stories and novels of our time.”

  3. Nice teaser, no worries about the sentences. Here’s mine!

  4. Hemingway was such a great writer – he could make you believe he’d eaten all those things even if he hadn’t gone near them! Great teaser. Here’s mine.

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