Excerpt from Seguin Daily News article by Darren Dunn:

Local group raising awareness about runaways in the Seguin area

By Darren Dunn

(Seguin) — November is National Runaway Prevention Month, and a local non-profit organization is using the occassion to try to raise awareness about a serious problem in our community.

Connections Individual and Family Services provides a number of family and individual services to people in this area. Connections Development Director Susan Delano says they hope talking about the problem will help to get more kids off the streets and back into a safe home.

“We are trying to get out several different messages. The main one is for those children that are living out on the streets, or (children who are) afraid that they may be living out on the streets soon because of circumstances. (We want them to know) that Connections is here to help them, and to provide safe shelter for them” said Delano.

Delano says there are a number of misconceptions about who these kids are that are running away from home. She says there are a variety of situations that often lead to kids running away.

“Kids run for several different reasons. Some are because of abuse at home. Some kids run because they are confused and are not sure if home is safe or not. Sometimes kids run because mom and dad set a boundary line that their kids don’t like. So at that point the child will run away from home and then get scared, but are afraid to call home. That’s where Connections can step in and help them bridge that gap,” said Delano.

. .. The problem with runaways is not just a big city problem. Delano says there are plenty of runaway cases right here in this community, and that’s why they want the raise the public’s awareness about this problem.

“It’s everywhere. We are in little Seguin and little New Braunfels and most people don’t think that we have runaways here. We get approximately seven to nine runaways a month here at Connections,” Delano.

The National Runaway hotline can be reached by calling 1-800-RUNAWAY. It’s available 24 hours a day, and it’s anonymous, confidential and free. For more information on National Runaway Prevention Month, visit For more information on the local services offered by Connections, visit its website at


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