The Interfaith Amigos

Three Clergymen

three faiths – three friends

They have been called the “Interfaith Amigos” — Don Mackenzie, a recently retired United Church of Christ minister; Ted Falcon, a rabbi and popular teacher of meditation and spirituality; and Jamal Rahman, a Sufi sheikh and co-founder of Interfaith Community Church. Together for many years they have spoken at conferences, hosted an Interfaith Radio show, taught others the essentials of dialogue and collaboration, and celebrated Ramadan and seder together in Seattle with Christians, Jews, and Muslims.

. . . The Three Amigos also emphasize that they are all members of Abrahamic traditions. Their shared ancestor makes possible a conversation about oneness or about what Rahman calls their “large and dysfunctional family” that would be more difficult to conduct with those outside the Abrahamic faiths. The three are in conversation with Hindus and Buddhists, but “for now,” Rahman says, “we have a lot of work to do to heal the rifts in our own family.”


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  1. In the inter-religious dialogue of “the three amigos,” their respective self-criticisms is particularly important because their act of doing so implicitly challenges the typical way religion is understood (see on this), at least in the modern context. What if the practice were to spread?

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