Chip (Herman) Gerber

Several years ago, I began following Chip Gerber’s Journal online but had not visited the site for some time.

My Journey

By Chip Gerber

I’m tired today…so tired. I’ve been pushing myself, doing a lot. Going a lot and not getting my proper rest so a lot of it is my fault. I set limitations for myself but find it difficult to follow them. There is so much I want to do yet in life but Alzheimer’s Disease has changed my goals much and I can no longer do what I once did.

I was diagnosed with the disease in 1997 and the long good bye goes on. Not that I mind. I’m not ready for Heaven yet, but there are days like today that I just have to slow down and rest up for tomorrow and what it may hold for me. It’s always a challenge but one that I accept. It’s always different but with the help of the good Lord, my wife, family and friends, I will press on.

The Alzheimer’s Association has been a tremendous help to me also. Then there is my medication, Aricept, and my doctor. I must say I have some support system which I deeply appreciate. On days like this I am glad that they encourage me…cheer me on. I need it. I don’t want sympathy but I do need support and lots of it. This keeps me going and I have promised myself that with my last ounce of strength that is exactly what I plan on doing. There is life after diagnosis and I plan to do my best to live it.

Note: Chip was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease at age 50 in 1997.

A few days ago, my interest was revived regarding Chip Gerber and I did a Google Search (ah – googling!) in an attempt to discover where he is now, but the latest date on his “My Journey” blog was dated 2007.  Then I read that Chip died last March (although he may not have been writing in his online journal a couple of years before his death).

Chip Gerber was an inspiration to so many and certainly opened my eyes to many aspects of the Thief Alzheimer’s.

God keep Chip Gerber in peace (and He will).

My Journey
By Chip Gerber

“I had been busy preparing for my future when suddenly a future,
not of my liking or planning, took over my life and made
a future of its own.

The long goodbye set in and I suddenly had to look at the new future,
face it, get rid of any denial that was there
and make plans on how to deal with the new future
that forced itself into my life.”


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