My Harrison Heritage


My direct Harrison ancestor was Clement King Harrison, who was likely born in Virginia.  The family lived in Columbia County, Georgia and I’ve not been able to discover Richard Harrison’s parentage – nor the maiden name of his wife Betty (perhaps Elizabeth).  It seems as though I have the same questions now in 2009 as when I started this research in the 1980s (keep waiting for that breakthrough!).

THIS IS MOST DEFINITELY AN INCOMPLETE (with missing information and perhaps inaccurate in places) WORKING COPY!  May always be working with it . . . One example of inaccuracy (most likely) is Benjamin S. Harrison and Benjamin Shepherd Harrison; there is probably only one son – Benjamin Shepherd.  Much work to be done1

Elizabeth Williams who married Clement King Harrison was the daughter of Matthew Jouett Williams and after the death of Clem, she married William Richardson and had other children.

Two daughters of Elizabeth Williams and Clement King Harrison married John Sammon, Jr.  The first was Elizabeth Williams and she and John Sammon had one daughter, Elizabeth Sammon.  After the death of Elizabeth, John Sammon married Elizabeth’s sister, Mary B. “Polly” Harrison and they had several children.


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