Central Texas Oil Patch Museum in Luling,Texas

OilPatchMuseum_ (14)

Every time we go to Luling for the delicious barbecue, we mention how interesting it would be to visit the Oil Patch Museum.  Finally did so – and it is most interesting.

Our bread and butter was related to the oil industry for so many years (paid for four college educations – three kids and me).

Oil is still being produced in the Luling area (see all of the pumps working away every time we visit).  I really didn’t know much about Edgar B. Davis until viewing the video at the museum.  Riley Froh, Luling author, briefly spoke about the largess of Davis to Luling, Texas, the arts, and the place of Davis’ birth, Brockton, Massachusetts .

An interesting and worthwhile visit!

* Riley Froh was born in Luling, Texas, a descendant of the town’s original settlers. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree as well as his Master’s Degree from Southwest Texas State University, and his doctorate from Texas A & M University. Froh’s characters reflect the people that he grew up with, his descendants being cattle drivers and Texas Rangers. Froh is the author of “Wildcatter Extraordinary,” “Edgar B. Davis and Sequences in Business Capitalism” as well as Texas themed articles.


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  1. What is Dr. Froh up to these days? He was my Texas History professor in the early 90’s and I have been wondering about him.

    • I don’t have an answer for you regarding Dr. Froh. However, perhaps someone else who happens upon this site can answer.

      Thank you for visiting my Aimless Blog!

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