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ray - obituary


Korea – “the punchbowl”
(This photo may be  the site of the ‘punchbowl’ in Korea)

The 1st Marine Division, of course, was in the thick of it. Leathernecks who took part will never forget the push from the Soyang River to the Punchbowl through some of the most forbidding mountain country in Korea. The fighting was savage at times, and one Marine regiment had more battle casualties in June 1951 than it suffered during the entire Chosin Reservoir breakout.

Ray had an older brother killed in Korea; Berlin Caldwell was also a Marine.



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  1. Taborah Caldwell - Klotsche

    Hi Hope,

    I just got the link for your page from my dad (David E. Caldwell), I’m so sorry to hear about Uncle Ray, seems that he passed away on my birthday this year – I didn’t know him well but it will be nice to celebrate his memory each year. Please take care and know that we are thinking of you…

    With Love, Taborah

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