Ray the Marine – God bring him safely through today –

1955_rayc_blog_finalBefore Ray was wounded in Korea (and later in Vietnam), his sister Elizabeth would send Care Packages to this brother in the Marines (as she had with two other brothers – one in the Marines, who died in Korea — and another Navy brother who came home safely, only to die in later years with cancer).

Brothers and sisters – a very close-knit Caldwell family.  Fun, lively, witty, honest, hard working, and mischievous brothers and sisters — my aunts and uncles – with a strong strong loving bond with one another.  There were twelve of them (12 full brothers and sisters – and four half-brothers and sisters).  Now there are three.  God bless them.

This snapshot was taken in 1955 when Ray was convalescing and healing in a military hospital.  He always had that smile – no matter the circumstances.  I’ll always remember that smile . . .  always . . .

When Ray enlisted in the Marines and was immediately in ‘the thick of it,’  his sister Elizabeth wrote a short poem and mailed it to him.


He fights across the ocean blue,

For all the things we hold true.

He is just one among thousands there.

But our love goes with him everywhere.

And in our humble hearts we pray

God bring him safely through today.


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