In the Heart of the Canyon

01_heartofcanyon_blogThe main thing Amy was aware of when she slid off the boat was the sudden cessation of earthly noise.  Everywhere there were bubbles: gray and white, big and small, spinning like another galaxy all around her.  She felt somebody grab her ankle, skin against skin; then, whoever it was let go, and she flailed some more and managed to bob up to the surface.  The boat, however, was gone.  She looked this way and that and tried not to panic.

Then, right smack in front of her, two stories high and wide as a city block, loomed a giant wall of water.

Down she went, tumbling and swirling and spinning into a cauldron of darkness.  She felt like Alice going down the rabbit hole.  She had no idea which way was up and which way was down; she felt her shin hit something sharp and saw a flash of yellow.  Something punched her in the stomach, then it swung her around and punched her in the back.  She needed air, but only once did she surface into that sea of sloppy waves, gasping and swallowing  water before getting sucked down again.  Without any air, her lungs felt shredded, the emptiness so excruciatingly painful that she would have sucked in anything–water, air, light, the vapors of Mercury–just to fill them up and erase the pain.

This is it.

I cannot hold my breath any longer.

She was all set to give in to the urge, to breathe in gallons of cold, dark water, when some force grabbed both of her feet, spun her around and around, and in doing so sucked her down where no human being had been before.  This was no rabbit hole; this was the inside of the inside, deep and dark and bottomless.  And at that point, her initial panic gave way to terror, as a spidery black creature muscled its long tentacles around her tiny body.

Elisabeth Hyde is a storyteller and her book In the Heart of the Canyon is quite a ride!


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Who am I? I'm still discovering just who I am, I suppose. A. Powell Davis writes that "Life is just a chance to grow a soul."

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