Book Clubs

What better place to have a book club . . . than in a library . . . a library  FILLED with books??!!

If you love to read; if you equate reading right up there with breathing (well – almost) and you like to talk about the books you are reading, the books you want to read, the books others are reading, recommended books, fiction – non fiction – mysteries – biographies —- ALL books . . . hope to see you Monday evening, October 26th, at the Seguin library!


Reason #1 to join a book club: read new books

In a book club, you’re exposed to books you wouldn’t normally read. Sometimes certain books don’t suite your tastes; you’ll either stop reading or slog your way through. Either way, you’re gaining insight into yourself, your personality, and the personality of the book club member who suggested that book. Getting the most out of book club involves reading new books.

Reason #2 to join a book club: hear different opinions

Listening – really hearing – the opinions of other people is crucial to growing into a well-rounded, developed person. Cogitating on their thoughts and perspectives opens up your brain to a whole new world – and that’s a good thing! Learning how to share your thoughts and opinions, especially if you disagree, teaches communication and social skills. Getting the most out of book club is about listening to other perspectives.

Reason #3 to join a book club: different food & wine

Most book clubs meet over a potluck snack-food meal, which breaks the ice and sparks up the atmosphere. Tasting new dishes, wines, and teas is a great way to expand your horizons and learn about your fellow book club members. Getting the most out of book club involves trying new things.

Reason #4 to join a book club: motivation to read

A book club forces you to read at least a book a month, if not more. No more “I’d read if I had the time,” or “I love to read, but it’s not important to me.” When you’re part of a book club you have a reason or even an excuse to read. You HAVE to seek a quiet spot and settle in with a cup of cocoa or tea; that’s your job for the next few hours. Getting the most out of book club is about reading for a reason.

Reason #5 to join a book club: networking

Though not intended for professional use, book clubs can provide business opportunities. You could be sitting next to a vice-president or chef, teacher or computer technician. It never hurts to know another plumber, doctor, or stock analyst, either…Getting the most out of book club involves being open to networking.

Reason #6 to join a book club: social ties

Most book clubs aren’t only about reading the book and discussing characterization, literary devices, plot, function versus form, theme, etc. Book clubs are about your take on the book and characters – and your feelings and thoughts about what happened inside the pages. When you share your perspective, you get the most out of book club. You forge connections with others that you may not otherwise have found. You’ll disagree, agree, and be confused – but you’ll hardly ever be bored.


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Who am I? I'm still discovering just who I am, I suppose. A. Powell Davis writes that "Life is just a chance to grow a soul."

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