apologies to Farmington friends

spelling errors cartoonWhy do I always notice the glaring typographical errors AFTER the Scorpio Tales newsletter is printed and copies are mailed????

Apologies – for past mistakes . . . and for future errors.



About hopeseguin

Who am I? I'm still discovering just who I am, I suppose. A. Powell Davis writes that "Life is just a chance to grow a soul."

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  1. Lynn Buckingham

    You ALWAYS want to have an error in whatever you’re writing, Hope, because to achieve absolute perfection is to offend God.

    Anyway, typos happen. Your newsletter is wonderful regardless!

  2. Dear Hope: I totally agree with Lynn B’s comment and besides, native American art always has a flaw ‘subtly designed’ into the work to allow evil spirits to escape. I wrote the final draft of a church history 20 yrs. ago and I am STILL finding typos. 😦
    We all love whatever you send!!!

  3. I just finished a manuscript for a lecture I am to make next year…it will be printed and published in books….oh… how it hurts to reread and find that there are misspelled words…ha ha..Joann finds errors in novels and other literature all the time…I publish a bulletin each week and just as it is folded…guess what…ha ha…dh

    • Ah, Don – thanks for the comforting words (although I know that you and Gwen and Lynn don’t make the totally stupid errors that I seem to see after the fact – however, thanks for the encouragement!).

      Interested in the lecture – send some news . . .


  4. I appreciated Lynn’s comments—miss Teen reporter for the Farmington Daily Times. I remember reading her stories and hearing of her through her sister Mary Ann. And by the way, Joe and I played baseball together. And for Gwen, I remember how tall and beautiful she was and how she watched over Jan. Jan and I were very good friends. Now Hope, I have a picture of Mary Beth after she won the Ms. National Guard contest (first place). I remember playing baseball with your brother and your family sitting in the crowd at the catholic church baseball field. Just wanted yall to know that a young kid from the FHS class of 64 still remembers history and beauty. Thanks for the rememberances.

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