The Human Race Machine


Excerpt from Katie Collins’ column in the Seguin Gazette Enterprise:

Through Friday Oct. 9, TLU is inviting the community to experience the Human Race Machine. It is a photo booth that takes your picture, then allows you to change it to other races or ages.

Tim Barr, director of the Moline Center for Servant Leadership said it has been a popular attraction on campus.

“It has been pretty well used,” Barr said. “We have been encouraging faculty to add the machine to their curriculum, and a lot of professors are requiring their students to come down here and try the machine out.”

Barr said the machine is being used as an opening foray for discussions about race.

Classes and organizations around campus have been having discussions about race and what it means to them.

TLU junior Amanda Gilley said she was intrigued by the machine.

“I really wanted to see what it was all about,” Gilley said. “It’s really interesting. I have never thought about this before. I didn’t realize how little genetics had to do with race.”

The Human Race Machine was designed to demonstrate that race is not a biological phenomenon, but more a social construct.


I look MUCH BETTER as an Asian . . .


The human race machine uses a software program the FBI’s had for years.

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