my heart sings


Recently had a visit to the cardiologist (my first – so I had no idea what to expect – very ignorant about it all).  Well, probably everyone and his dog knows that there is a stress test (walking on the treadmill – with all of the dozen ‘hook-ups’ to monitor the heart) and  then one lies down by a big camera that collects information produced by the radioisotopes in the heart that allows a picture of the heart to be generated by a computer, and there is an echo test with an echo probe about the size of a flashlight covered with jelly and pressed against the chest.

But I didn’t know any of this . . . and haven’t had a dog since our precious 14-year-old Ginger died when we lived in Denver.  We had Ginger since she was six weeks old and was a September birthday present for our youngest son – given to him about two weeks before we moved to Houston.  Hubby was not keen on the idea of a dog, but guess who slept with the sweet puppy on the journey when we stopped at night?  Yup!  Old Crankshaft himself.

[Well, Ginger and Hubby allowed me a little space in the bed, also.]

I digress.

As I write: this was a very new experience for me and I was quite interested in the procedures – watching the pictures on the big screen (not understanding what I was seeing of course) and then heard what I supposed was the beating of my heart.

Me to the technician:  “Is my heart singing?”

The Tech:  “No.  That is the sound of the machine.” Pause.  “But I’m sure your heart is singing.”


heart sings


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