My Caldwell Family

In July 2009 there was a Caldwell Family Exhibit in the museum in Springer, New Mexico (the exhibit continued for the month of August).

We all have family stories and when we Caldwells met on Sunday, July 26th, there were so many stories told and retold (embellished or not!).  One of my uncles told me stories about my grandfather, Berlin Caldwell, I had never heard before – about his days as Sheriff in Colfax County.  We also remembered  members of our Caldwell family who are no longer with us.  However, strange as it seems – we felt their presence – as we reminisced and remembered.

newspaper article about the Caldwell Family in Colfax County, New Mexico

newspaper article about the Caldwell Family in Colfax County, New Mexico



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  1. Hope,

    I stumbled across your name while researching my grandfather Remington James Caldwell. It has been a long time since I have communicated with your family. I hope all is well- I remember times at Green Mountain with your son Bobby. I am living in St. Petersburg, FL. please tell everyone hello.


    • Kelly Snow "Gemma" Neige

      I am the grand daughter of Berlin Junior Caldwell USMC b.12/24/19 – d.08/18/1950.
      I have friends in the St. Pete area and plan to travel there soon. I am working on connecting with family. I don’t have much info on my maternal side, and NON on my paternal side. I would be great to meet more cousins. 🙂
      Kelly Snow Neige
      Sacramento, CA

      • Kelly – thank you for your comment. Hope you and Bill are able to connect. Someone in my photo albums I have a great photograph of you as a baby. You were a beautiful baby and I know you are now a beautiful woman.

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