The Will of Richard Harrison the Elder’s wife, Betsy (perhaps Elizabeth)

dated 2 March 1827, page 214
Columbia Co., GA
transcribed by Cheryl Aultman
Note: pre-1998 flood, I had a photocopy of the original will of both Richard and Elizabeth Harrison (beautiful handwriting – although sometimes difficult to read).

Recorded  May 11th, 1829

In the name of God Amen.  I Betsy Harrison widow of the county of Columbia and state of Georgia being of advanced age and knowing the certainty of death and being of sound mind desposing memory do constitute and ordain this to be my last and testament.

1st.  I give and bequeath to my grandson Berryman H. Embree my negro man named Jack to  him & his heirs forever.

2nd.   I  give and bequeath to my grandson-in-law John Smith one negro girl named Suckey and her issue to him and his heirs forever.

3rd.  I give and bequeath to my son Benjamin Shepherd Harrison two hundred dollars to him & his heirs forever.

4th.  I give and bequeath to my grand daughter Betsy Cook Alford one hundred dollars to her & her heirs forever.

5th.  I give and bequeath to my grand daughter Henrietta Harrison thirty dollars to her & her heirs forever.

6th.  I give and bequeath to my grand daughter Betsy Rains Harrison thirty dollars.

7th.  I give and bequeath t my grand daughter Polly King Embree thirty dollars.

8th.  I give and bequeath to my grand daughter Nancy Martin thirty dollars.

9th.  I give and bequeath to my daughter Betsey Embree my riding horse  and six chairs also two small trunks and one large one also my cupboard  with all the earthen ware in it.

10th.  I  give and bequeath to my three grand children Thomas Harrison, Richard Harrison and Sarah Ann Harrison, children of my son Terryl Cook Harrison,  a note on the estate of my son James Harrison for one hundred and sixty four dollars to be equally divided between them.

Lastly if any thing should remain of my estate after paying my just debts and the above legacies my will is that it go to my daughter Betsey Embree.

I constitute and appoint my grandson Sullivan Harrison my executor of this my last will and testament.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 2nd day of March in the year  of our Lord eighteen hundred and twenty seven.

Signed sealed & acknowledged
in the presence of us
Betsy (her X mark)  Harrison
Bill Sanders
Charles Wilkerson
Cynthia Sanders

Georgia,  Columbia County Bill Sanders one of the subscribers witnesses to the within instrument of writing after being duly sworn saith he saw Betsey Harrison by her mark sign this instrument and pronounced it her last will and testament and that the testatrix was of sound and disposing mind & memory at the time of signing the same and that he saw Charles Wilkerson & Cynthia Sanders the two subscribing witnesses sign the same in the presence & by request of testatrix.

Bill Sanders
Sworn to  before me this 12th
March 1829.    James Carthoge  J.J.C.
Stephen Drane   J.J.C.

Georgia,  Columbia County  ……unreadable……Letters of administration with the will annexed granted to John C. Smith & Berryman H. Embree.

Inventory & appraisement of the estate of Eliz Harrison

A negro man Jack $250.  A negro woman Suck & children Eliza P….unreadable. $850.00 walnut table foldw?? 5…tea table round pair  2 7.00 candle stand pair  1…large table pair 50c.. small do do  1 2.50 Slab do 3…Cupboard do 3..Bedstead do 3..?? 1.50 10.50 Book Case do .50 .. large chest walnut 4.00..6 winsor chairs 6

Note: the list goes on, but is repeated in the sales portion of the estate record below.

A note included with the estate appraisal reads as follows:

“We do certify upon oath that as far as was provided to us by B. H. Embree & John C. Smith administrators with the will burned, the above and forgoing contains a true appraisement of the goods chattels and credits of the estate of Elizabeth Harrison deceased to the best of our judgement & understanding.    George Darsey, Ellis Jones, T. Bowdre, appraisers.”    It would seem someone conveniently “burned” the will, however, as you can see above, the will survived.

An Inventory of the Personal Property of Elizh Harrison
(Columbia Co, GA Estate Records, Inv & Apprs., pg 563)

Folding table walnut   Thomas Dooly                       $3.93 3/4
tea table                         B. H. Embree             1.43 3/4
candle stand                  John Reynolds                 .68 3/4
large table pair              B. H. Embree
small table pair              Mary K. Embree               1.93 1/2
slab table/cupboard    John Reynolds                       4.06
curtain bedstead/ bedstead low B. H. Embree                2.93
Book Case R. H. Jones, large chest walnut  Jno. Reynolds   4.37
6 winsor  chairs  Mary K. Embree 7.50,

2 common chairs Jno. Reynolds $.56
trunk  Jno. Reynolds 2. 06,  trunk  Mary K. Embree 1.56
trunk Jno. Reynolds  1.06,   tea chest  Mary K. Embree 1.56
tea chest George Darsey 3. 76,   large waiter  Mary K. Embree 6.27
large waiter George Darsey .37, 2 waiter Mary K. Embree .31
large basket B. H. Embree .43, small basket Mary K. Embree .31
straw basket Benjamin Watkins  .25, large chest Jno. Reynolds 1.31
large chest Guilford Alford .25, large trunk G. Alford .67
pair hand irons Benjamin Watkins .25
2 large bowls  B. H. Embree .81, coffee pot Guilford Alford .50
lot of crockery Guilford Alford .93, lot of crockery George Darsey 1.61
water pail  Benj. Watkins .31, bed furnishes Leroy Nance? 9.00
bed furnishes B. H. Embree 10.25, quilt Mary K. Embree 2.75
quilt Mary K. Embree 1.62, quilt B. H. Embree 2.75
quilt J. C. Smith 2.00, quilt J. C. Smith 2.00
quilt Benj. Watkins 1.62, quilt Benj. Watkins 1.56
counterpane J. C. Smith 2.75, counterpane Leroy Nance 2.81
counterpane Thomas Dooly 3.75, counterpane Mary K. Embree 2.87
counterpane Guilford Alford 4.00, counterpane Mary K. Embree 1.93
counterpane Sulivan Harrison 2.00, counterpane J. C. Smith 1.81
pair counterpane B. H. Embree 6.87, 1 pair sheets M. K. Embree 1.93
1 pair sheets Mary K. Embree 1.37, 1 pair sheets Benj. Watkins 1.62
1 tub B. H. Embree .31, 1 oven B. H. Embree 1.25
1 pot J. C. Smith .31, lot trewpers? B. H. Embree .69
1 band box Elizabeth Watkins .69, 1 pr sheets B. H. Embree .56
22 lbs bacon Beverly Spivey 2.67, 35 lbs bacon B. H. Embree 3.63
36 lbs bacon B. H. Embree 6.26

We hereby certify the foregoing to be a true account for amount of the sales of the estate of Elizabeth Harrison deceased sold on 15 day of
June 1829 on a credit of  six months.

Given under my hand this 10th day of March 1830.
B. H. Embree
John C.  Smith


Thanks to Cheryl Aultman for this information!


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  1. Betsy Harrison is my 6th-great grandmother. I’d kindly request your permission to include the text of her will on my personal (non-commercial) web site under her name (, with appropriate citation to credit you as the transcriber.

    Thank you.

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