How do you spell F-U-N??

I never had any large respect for good spelling. That is my feeling yet. Before the spelling-book came with its arbitrary forms, men unconsciously revealed shades of their characters and also added enlightening shades of expression to what they wrote by their spelling, and so it is possible that the spelling-book has been a doubtful benevolence to us.
Mark Twain’s Autobiography

This is the third year we’ve gone to the Zonta Club Grown-Up Spelling Bee and what fun it has been!  The Guadalupe Regional Medical Center “Healing Bees” won the spelling bee the first year we went and again this year.  I have not heard (and will never use!) some of the words used in the contest.  Last year the SPD team was the winner.  This is a really fun event!  And of course the Zonta Club volunteers provide assistance and financial donations to so many community concerns, i.e., Guadalupe County Children’s Advocacy Center, Canyon Lake Treatment Center, scholarships in Seguin and Navarro High Schools – and much more.

Have I mentioned that this is a really FUN event??


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