I love a good mystery!

innocence_bloginnocence2_blog Scott Finn loved creating drama in the courtroom; always had.  Even now, with no jury present, he knew that to keep the judge’s attention, he had to be part entertainer.  It was one of the things that separated him from other attorneys–what made him truly one of the most effective courtroom lawyers in Boston: his ability to draw his audience in and keep them interested.  As he’d often explained to his clients, An argument can’t be effective if people aren’t listening to it.

That was one of the reasons he enjoyed being on his own as a solo practitioner.  Out here, he could fight his battles alone and push the limits as he saw fit.  He’d spent several years in the respected white-shoe law firm of Howery, Black & Longbothum, and the training had served him well.  He could have stayed if he’d wanted, but he’d decided to take a risk.  Sometimes, when he ran into a stretch where work was hard to come by and he found himself living off petty drug cases, slip-and-falls, or trumped-up disability claims, he wondered whether he’d done the right thing in turning down a partnership at his old firm.  He’d be making well over half a million a year by now were he still there, living without any financial pressures other than those self-inflicted.  Instead, he spent much of his time scraping and struggling to stay ahead of each month’s expenses–both personal and professional.

I am enjoying David Hosp‘s novel Innocence!

Note: you can give a donation to our local library and a bookplate “in honor of” or “in memory of” a friend or loved one will be inserted in a book to be placed in the library (you can indicate a choice of book if you wish).


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