Seguin Public Library

I love our library and visit it frequently.  We have such friendly, expert, and dedicated librarians who make visiting the library a good experience.  Working in an area of 15,001 square feet (excluding the meeting room which can become quite crowded at times), I so admire our librarians!

We used to move about every four years (and I loved this life during those years).  In each city, the first two places we visited were 1) a church [always a Southern Baptist church until we moved to Seguin and joined the First Methodist Church!] and 2) the library.  I have had a library card in every city and town in which we resided.  When we lived in Seagoville (outside Dallas), there was a traveling mobile library I discovered but I was always after Hubby to take me to the Dallas Library (this was during the days when we had four children under the age of four and only one car; the library was my salvation!).

The reflections and histories of men and women throughout the world are contained in books…. America’s greatness is not only recorded in books, but it is also dependent upon each and every citizen being able to utilize public libraries.
— Terence COOKE (1921-1983)

St. Paul wrote to his son Timothy:

When you come, bring the cloak that I left with Carpus at Troas,
also the books,
and above all the parchments.

(2 Timothy 4:13)

In an 1863 sermon, “Paul — His Cloak and His Books”; C.H. Spurgeon said of Paul: “He was inspired, and yet he wants books!
He had been preaching for thirty years, and yet he wants books!
He had seen the Lord, and yet he wants books!
He had a wider experience than most men do, and yet he wants books!
He had been caught up into the third heaven, and had heard things that it was not lawful for a man to utter, and yet he wants books!
He had written a major part of the New Testament, and yet he wants books!”

oh my!

For him that stealeth a Book from this Library, let it change into a serpent in his hand and rend him. Let him be struck with Palsy, and all his Members blasted. Let him languish in Pain crying aloud for Mercy and let there be no surcease to his Agony till he sink in Dissolution. Let Bookworms gnaw his Entrails in token of the Worm that dieth not, and when at last he goeth to his final Punishment, let the flames of Hell consume him for ever and aye.
Curse Against Book Stealers
Monastery of San Pedro, Barcelona


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