Two ‘don’ts’

NEVER NEVER NEVER lay a book facedown when open!

woman lit by fireflies-b

DO NOT drop food or drink on the book you are reading!


Excerpt from Jim Harrison’s novel The Woman Lit by Fireflies:

Gwen told Stuart everything important except why she was on the train.  She was voluble in a way she couldn’t remember, and in a manner she couldn’t have been with someone her own age.  She told him about the small family ranch between Mule Junction and Guthrie to which she had retreated after a brief, unhappy marriage to a university mathematician who now owned a computer business in Albuquerque; about the Cambodian girl they had adopted and she had raised to the current age of sixteen; about her love of flying and the old Cessna 172 she owned that was temporarily grounded in need of a valve job; of the Simmental-Charolais stud bull that was the ranch’s bread and butter, of her arthritic father who lived seventy miles away in Silver City because he needed dialysis twice a week, but always came to dinner on Sundays.  She told him that her daughter, Sun by name, was precocious and had been recruited by colleges for early admission but had chosen to spend another year at home and graduate with her own class.  Sun’s hobbies were botany, livestock and Indian history.

“Maybe that’s because she’s Oriental and the Navajo and Apache are Athabascans who supposedly crossed the Bering Strait from Asia, then came on down here a thousand or so years ago,” Stuart suggested.

“She’s too perverse for that.  She prefers the Anasazi, Hopi, the Isletas and Pueblo people who came up from Mexico.”

[from the section of the novel entitled SUNSET LIMITED]

Jim Harrison is one of my favorite writers.


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