The 25 top cult films

Someone (whoever ‘someone’ is) compiled a list of the 25 top cult films.  There are LISTS for everything, aren’t there?

I love the movies; well I used to really love the movies; it seems as though most of the movies today seem to be made for Someone I Am Not.

However, I decided to list this Someone Person’s List and determine how many of these movies I have seen.  Amazingly, I sorta agree with some of the movies on this particular List Maker’s List.  Some I don’t think I would view on a bet!

Did I mention there are so many lists??  These movies are listed in the reverse order of importance – according – again to the List Maker (#1 is #25 and so forth).

  1. “Donnie Darko” about a demonic bunny!  [I’ve not seen this one . . . and not certain I ever will]
  2. “Fight Club” starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton [Interestingly enough – at least for me – is that I had a very recent conversation about this unusual movie with one of the male nurses when I was admitted to the Emergency Room September 1st.  Suffering an attack of appendicitis, I arrived at the hospital in mis-matched pajamas and an old old chennile bathrobe I’ve had since probably 1980.  This bathrobe is ornamented/decorated with coffee cups and is the EXACT SAME BATHROBE that Brad Pitt wore almost during the entire “Fight Club” movie.  The nurse and I discussed the merits of this particular film as I was being wheeled into the lab for some tests.  Coincidences abound . . .]
  3. “The Princess Bride” [I liked this silly movie.  After all – a princess and Andre the Giant . . .]
  4. “Akira” – apocalyptic future in a place called Neo-Tokyo [Did not see.]
  5. “Blade Runner”  starring Harrison Ford [Totally unbelievable of course – and I enjoyed the movie!]
  6. “Cannibal the Musical” [This musical dealing with Alferd Packer is one I maybe would have seen if I had known about it when it ran in 1997 – because of course, living in Denver, I certainly heard about the Alferd Packer story.]
  7. “The Big Lebowski” [I rather liked this movie with Jeff Bridges and John Goodman; however, I think both of these actors are very gifted and always enjoy their performances.]
  8. “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” [Think what I liked most about this movie was watching how much the kids enjoyed it.]
  9. “Showgirls” [Didn’t see this movie and doubt I would want to view it.]
  10. “The Goonies” [Well – didn’t see this movie and do not believe I would care for it.]
  11. “Rock and Roll High School” [WHO saw this?]
  12. “Night of the Living Dead” [no thank you . . .]
  13. “Freaks” [again: didn’t even know about this film]
  14. “Mommie Dearest” [read the book – didn’t want to see the movie – didn’t really want to read the book!]
  15. “Toxic Avenger” [another one I missed – thank goodness!]
  16. “Reefer Madness” [I have seen clips of this on television; guess it seems a little silly in this day and age . . . at least to me . . .]
  17. “Hairspray” [This was such a silly . . . and rather fun! . . . film.]
  18. “Eraserhead” [Missed . . .]
  19. “The Warriors” [another film I never heard about . . . that sounds strange . . . but may be interesting]
  20. “Clerks” [I remember seeing a clip of this on television but have not viewed the entire film.]
  21. “The Meaning of Life” [a Monty Python movie that I missed]
  22. “This Is Spinal Tap” [seems as though I’m not really a cult film enthusiast . . . didn’t see]
  23. “Evil Dead” [suppose I really AM a Mainstream Person – whatever that is . . . didn’t see]
  24. “Plan 9 From Outer Space” [this movie sounds particularly bad – didn’t see]
  25. “Rocky Horror Picture Show” [this movie was shown for years – at midnight – when we were living in Denver; think the town sold out all of the  BIC cigarette lighters – I was snoring away by midnight so never did this see this movie.]

This was – of course – a silly exercise.

How many of these films did YOU view??



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