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quiet_blogGive Me a Sign to Draw Me out of Doubt

I asked that God would give me or speak some corporal sign that He should put in my hand a candle or a precious stone or that He should give me any other sign, as He willed, promising that I would not show this sign except as He indicated.

He answered, “What you ask for is a sign that would give you joy only when you touch it, but it would not draw you out of doubt, and in such a sign you might be deceived.  But I will give you a sign better than you ask for; this sign shall be continually with you, inwardly in your soul, and you shall always feel it.  This shall be the sign:  You shall ever be fervent in love and in the love of God and enlightened by the knowledge of God within you.  Let this be a most certain sign for you, because none can make this sign except Me.  This is the sign I place inwardly in your soul: I place in you a love of Me, by which your soul will become inebriated and fervent and constantly glowing by reason of Me, so that you will desire to suffer tribulations for the love of Me.”

[Saint Clare of Assisi, 1194-1253]

Note:  at age eighteen Clare ran away from her comfortable home to join up with Francis of Assisi, preaching the way of poverty and abandonment.  She and other female followers moved into a church rebuilt by Francis.  At his urging they founded the Order of the Poor Ladies (Poor Clares).  She was the first known woman to write a “rule” for a religious community.


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Who am I? I'm still discovering just who I am, I suppose. A. Powell Davis writes that "Life is just a chance to grow a soul."

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