Greenville County, South Carolina

Greenville County, South Carolina

Greenville County, South Carolina

Several of my ancestors lived in Greenville County, South Carolina at one time or another.

{trivia: Joanne Woodward’s family was from Greenville County – and there are Woodwards in my husband’s family – if a Woodward researcher/reader comes upon this site – most anxious to share information}

My Barton heritage has been a challenge to research (but there are challenges and surprises and rewards in researching all families, I think).

The following is an excerpt from Greenville Woven from the Past An Illustrated History by Nancy Vance Ashmore.

Welborn Barton, a physician in Tigerville, had as a young man gone with a friend to Texas, where he remained for about a year.  Homesickness brought him back to his home county and to his sweetheart, but he never quite forgot the lure of those wide open spaces.  Dr. Barton lived and practiced medicine in the piedmont foothills for a few years, but he dreamed of life on the range.  He often discussed it with friends and family, who gradually became more interested in moving there.  Finally, in 1854, 100 families and wagons from the Tigerville area gathered and started out with Barton as their pilot.  The wagon train was slow, but safe; there were no accidents on the three-month trek.  Blacks, families, and young and old were part of the hardy group that settled in Williamson County, Texas, leaving their Carolina home behind.  These folk did not carve “GTT” into Tigerville trees, but well they might, for they had “Gone to Texas.”


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