Was Albert DeSalvo the Boston Strangler?

The next book I read is going to be an uplifting one – for sure.

I vaguely remember the Boston Strangler movie with Tony Curtis and that may have been when I first heard of Attorney F. Lee Bailey.

I do love mysteries and picked up the strangler by William Landay, thinking it would be a lightweight and entertaining piece of fiction.  It is certainly not lightweight and although it is a fiction book, there are facts interspersed throughout the book.  Walter Cronkite DID report on television about betting in Boston (and William Landay used Cronkite’s exact words in this segment in the novel).  Boston was undergoing an Urban Renewal Project. {I was so impressed with Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market when we visited in the 1980s.}

Landay really brings the descriptions of Boston alive (I think of Mystic River by Dennis Lehane).  Although I thought Landay captured Boston and his writing is very good, I need to next read a much ‘lighter’ book!

In my ignorance, I thought that Albert DeSalvo was put on trial for the strangler murders in Boston.  Not so.  That wasn’t what he was convicted of – although the public consensus was that he was the Boston Strangler –  but you must read the book.

who was/were the Boston Strangler(s)?

who was/were the Boston Strangler(s)?

from the book:

Confessed isn’t convicted.  Come on, Tom, you see where this is headed.  There isn’t going to be a trial.  Wamsley doesn’t have a case.  There’s no evidence against DeSalvo.  The confession’s not admissible.  Even if it were, it’s not enough to convict.  The guy was in a mental hospital when he confessed.  So Wamsley’ll let it drop….”


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