discovered a new (to me) author

blackspruce_blog I’ve almost finished reading Through Black Spruce by Joseph Boyden and convinced he is a Writer to Watch.  His first novel was Three Day Road (which I’ve not read – but intend to).  I almost put this novel aside after reading a couple of chapters but kept picking it up again.  It is not a perfect book – but it is an interesting read.

Will Bird is a legendary Cree bush pilot, now lying comatose in a hospital in his hometown of Moose Factory, Ontario.  His niece, Annie Bird, a beautiful loner whose sole interests up to now have been hunting and trapping, has just returned from her own perilous journey to sit beside his bed.  Broken in different ways, the two take silent communion in their unspoken kinship, and the story that unfolds is rife with heartbreak, fierce love, ancient blood feuds, mysterious disappearances, fires, plane crashes, murders and the bonds that hold a family, and a people together. {copied from the jacket blurb}

“Though the incongruously melodramatic denouement doesn’t fit with the richly textured narrative preceding it, the novel as a whole is an intelligent, multilayered accomplishment, and well worth reading.” – Publishers Weekly.

“Though the forced, contrived plot almost submerges the novel, the sensuous apprehension of a distant, perilous, ineffably beautiful world draws us in and won’t let us go.” – Kirkus Reviews.

“Boyden is definitely a gifted storyteller. His narrative progresses with practiced ease until, very near the end, it falters in a climax that is pure melodrama – after which, I’m sad to say, the story unravels into a threadbare epilogue: a disappointing finale that does little justice to the rest of the novel.” – Quill & Quire (Canada)


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