Interpretations – attacking the mental mess

letting go of thinking the worst

letting go of thinking the worst

excerpt from Throw Out Fifty Things by Gail Blanke:

…Look, our lives are awash in interpretations.  Wars are fought over interpretations.  Elections are won or lost over interpretations.  The stock market moves up or down based not on facts but the interpretations of those facts.

…Look back into your life; look back to yesterday or this morning.  Something happened, somebody said something; what did you make it to mean?  Maybe someone didn’t answer your e-mail about an idea you wanted to recommend, or return your call about your request for information about a new position you’re interested in.  Or maybe somebody just looked at you the wrong way in a meeting, or on the street, or in an elevator.  What did you make it mean?  Not something good, I bet.  And then the rest of the day you lived with that negative thought floating around in your brain, and zap, there goes a power drain.  And before you know it, you’re stumbling along the street with your head down or walking into a room expecting something to go wrong.  And the funny thing is, nothing’s gone wrong at all.  You just made it up.

…So listen, we’ve got to cut this out.  We’ve got to decide here and now, once and for all, that we’re going to let go of slapping negative interpretations on the stuff that happens or the things that are said in any given day.

…And remember what Albert Einstein said:  “Ultimately, there are no facts.”  See?  It’s pretty much all interpretation.  It’s pretty much all made up.  So if it’s all made up, then you make it up.

…This is your life, you know.  Not some movie you’re watching.  You get to decide how it all turns out.  You get to make it up.  So make it up good.


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