the squaw dress – and ballerina shoes

During my teen years, I must have had a dozen different squaw dresses.  My mother was a marvelous seamstress and made all of my clothes.  We would wear squaw dresses with concho belts, turquoise and silver jewelry and I generally wore beaded moccasins.

My!  The fifties!!

believe the shoes are black ballerina shoes (ballerina shoes are BACK!)

believe the shoes are black ballerina shoes (ballerina shoes are BACK!)


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  1. Oh, how I loved my black ballerina shoes. They were so flat…, I’m sure they weren’t good for our feet, but who cares about feet.

  2. Raven Wenner

    I lusted for a squaw dress when I was a girl –but my mother didn’t sew, and they were too expensive to buy. This has to be one of the prettiest fashions American schoolgirls ever wore. I loved the rick-rack and the graceful swirl of the skirts.
    In Texas my school-mates lucky enough to have a squaw dress wore them with beaded moccasins, white unless they matched the color of the dress. In high school, if a girl was going steady with a guy, she sometimes coaxed her mother into sewing a western-cut shirt for the boyfriend which matched her favorite color squaw dress. (Their school mates would turn green with envy, which was the point of the exercise.)

    • I must have had a dozen squaw dresses (wish I had photos of all of them!). I loved them – and oh yes! The beaded moccasins – I had a white pair and a black pair that went to the ankle, with silver button clasps at the ankle. I had almost as many moccasins as I did squaw dresses. I remember so many ‘couples’ wearing matching shirts. My mom made two western shirts for me and a friend (we were 13-years old at the time, I think) and we loved them.

      ah – the memories . . .

      Thank you for your Squaw Dress memory!

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