Family sustains me (my Caldwell lineage).

Each month the Santa Fe Trails Museum in Springer, New Mexico highlights a pioneering family who settled in Colfax County, New Mexico.  This month, the Caldwell family had a display.  The museum itself has a colorful history: before the county seat was moved to Raton, New Mexico, this building was the County Courthouse.  Later it was a Boys’ School and a justice center which housed the jail when my grandfather was sheriff  (my uncle Johnny likes to say he was born in the jail in Springer).

Our two grandsons have been visiting us in Seguin (separately) and we recently met their mother in Springer for a Caldwell Family Reception at the Museum to exchange youngest grandson for youngest granddaughter.  It was great fun to visit with cousins and uncles and one aunt (the only living Caldwell aunt).  Our grandchildren met distant cousins and there was a great deal of laughter and reminiscing.  Since my grandfather Berlin Caldwell was a lawman during the Wild Days of Colfax County, there were a great many desperado and shooting battle stories which widened the eyes of the children (and I admit I heard a couple I didn’t know about which certainly caught my attention).

Read my unpublished letter to the Seguin Gazette Enterprise for a story about Black Jack Ketchum and my grandfather’s tales of this lawless era!


In other words: we had a marvelous weekend with family.

Good times!

Alex Haley wrote that

In every conceivable manner, the family is our link to the past, bridge to the future.


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