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so many different blogs

so many different blogs

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Carolyn Shropshire (Pop Culture Writer) writes that “Personal blogs are like child stars.  Some soar too quickly and die too young.  Others drop out, lay low for awhile and come back stronger than ever.  More often, they return reinvented, uninspired and lackluster, missing that special something that used to leave audiences wanting more.

“Blogs are born, blogs die — it’s a cycle as old as blogging itself.

“…Blogs end up in the virtual graveyard for as many reasons as they came into being in the first place.  Sometimes, the bloggers get out of their system whatever they wanted to say.  Or they reach the fame they were after.  Other times, they just give up.

“…Such Great Heights had a very public execution when its author, known as Clink, decided she’d had enough.’

” ‘I just don’t feel the need to dissect my life anymore,’ she wrote.  ‘Not because it’s perfect . . . but because it’s . . . full.”


There are some blogs that I truly enjoy.  Some I visit now and then.  Some actually surprise me.  I  find my friends’  blogs personally interesting.

I’ve been visiting actor Jeff Bridges’ blog before I probably even knew much at all about a ‘blog.’  I admire him as an actor and he has a rather quirky way of looking at things that I find interesting.  It was especially poignant when he paid tribute to his mother after her death and he posted a writing by one of his daughters about her grandmother.

The Posterity Project is a blog chronicling news and issues related to archives, history, civic responsibility, and open access to public records in the Southeast, with reflections on archives and history in the “Volunteer State” of Tennessee.

I read any blogs about books (not so much interested in Romance novels – but read almost everything else).  A Garden Carried in the Pocket is one  I visit fairly regularly.

When I first read, I found myself laughing out loud (and I’m still laughing each time I visit –  admittedly some of the language is not what my generation uses – but this gal is funny).

I flew again yesterday. I held the man’s hand next to me only one time. Probably one too many times for his wife and if she is reading this I just want to say that your husband is a lovely man and please thank him for sharing his Sun Chips. I would have gotten my own bag but I was raised to believe that food always tastes better when someone else is eating it although I got the feeling your husband isn’t a big fan of this theory.

I love the photography on The Pioneer Woman and am always checking out her recipes.

As the Butter Churns has everything and I always find something fun and interesting when I visit.

Extract from her blog:

Begin At The Beginning – Or – Why The Heck We’re Here

We sold our house in Woodland Hills, California in January 2007, moved into a teeny-tiny rental (with my dad living in the laundry room) in February and today we are packing up the stuff we’ve been using for the last few months and moving to 37 acres outside of Bellingham, Washington.

“We” is me, Denise 43, Tom 54, our son, Henry 10, and my extremely colorful jazz musician father. “We” also includes my sister Lisa, my brother-in-law Chris, their two girls Quinn 11, Phoebe 6, their two dogs Griffin (Airedale/German Shepherd “blend”) and Winifred (West Highland Terrier) our three cats: Emmett Richard, Scarlett Kathryne and Alvin Daniel and our three dogs: Vivian Irene (Rottweiler) Luther Zachariah (Basset Hound) and Deli Anne (Blue-Tick Coon Hound – my father bought her off an internet rescue site). We’re like the Osmonds, but we drink and we’re Catholic.

We, meaning in this case just Tom and I, have spent the last ten years painstakingly fixing up our house and making it a home. We have scrimped and saved and together put hardwood on the ceiling while Henry hung from the scaffolding that was our living room furniture for way too long. Next we nailed down hardwood throughout the house after working well in to the wee hours – to the dismay of our neighbors Mary and John. We hand-painted the tiles around the fireplace–actually we invited our friends over for margaritas and “let” them paint tiles, too. We planted over a hundred rose bushes and lots of trees. The end result was an oasis that we loved. But it just became too expensive to maintain our water bill in the summer for just two months was $1700.00.     I used to work in advertising as a copywriter and made good money. When I had Henry I was working freelance at Ogilvy & Mather on Barbie™. Their policy was for me to bring Henry to work with me every day. It was especially stressful when I had a deadline and he needed a bottle and a diaper change, but it worked pretty well. Henry’s first Halloween, he trick-or-treated down the halls in his Abraham Lincoln costume. If we’d stayed, Henry would have been vested by second grade.


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