A Twist at the End – (Servant Girl Annihilator)

A Twist at the End by Steven Saylor

A Twist at the End by Steven Saylor

This is a fascinating book (don’t know why I hadn’t heard of it when it was published in 2000).  This is a selected reading for our Book Club and I am absolutely ‘into’ this book.  It is well written.  It is about Austin, Texas.  It is about Texas politics in the late 1880s.  It is about William Sydney Porter/O. Henry.  It is about unsolved murders in Texas.  There is a Jack the Ripper possible connection.  A Twist at the End by Steven Saylor has EVERYTHING.

I highly recommend this book!

William Pendleton Gaines, publisher and editor of The Austin Statesman, took a sip of scalding coffee and stepped onto his balcony.

The Statesman’s editorial offices were located a block west of Congress Avenue in a grand, three-storied structure that might have passed for a Venetian palazzo.  Gaines’s penthouse office had tall windows on three sides and a door that opened onto a long, south-facing balcony.  On days when the weather permitted–and Tuesday, December 30, 1884, was such a day, chilly but windless, with a clear blue sky–he liked to step outside and peer over the stone balustrade at the traffic down on Pecan Street.  In summer, the dust and the smell of dung could be oppressive, notwithstanding the regular rounds of the mule-drawn street sprinklers.  But on a still midwinter day such as this, the balcony was his favorite spot, as long as he had a steaming cup of coffee to keep him warm.

March 18,1920

March 18,1920 - New York Times


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