oh yes! RAIN!

lightning knocked out a power transformer (small price for Blessed Rain!)

lightning knocked out a power transformer (small price for Blessed Rain!)

candles during a thunderstorm

candles during a thunderstorm

lightning outside - candles inside

lightning outside - candles inside

Our rain guage showed about an inch of rain.  Blessed rain!  The lightning knocked out a transformer and we were without power for a short time (which didn’t bother us at all; we have been praying for rain for soooo long).

Across the region as water dwindles in lakes, rivers and wells, communities are hoping to avoid a repeat of conditions seen decades ago.

The Guadalupe River “is under major stress” and the Edwards Aquifer-fed sources of its major tributaries, the Comal and San Marcos springs, “are dropping like a rock,” said Bill West, general manager of the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority.

Canyon Lake already is hitting record low levels, but on Tuesday the authority increased its outflow from 65 cubic feet per second to 125 cfs at the request of the city of Victoria, coincidentally helping the hard-pressed water recreation industry between the lake and New Braunfels.


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