My Foreman Family

I recently heard from a Foreman cousin (which delighted me – I love finding my cousins).  This piqued my interest again  in the Foreman research so I ‘googled’ some of these Cherokee ancestors and cousins.  Lo and behold, I came upon a posting I did years ago.  I didn’t recall thrusting this out on the internet several years ago – letting it land where it will . . . until I came upon it once more.

Since that long ago posting, I’ve made some changes and revisions in my research.  For instance, I no longer believe my Jennie Foreman is the daughter of Richard Bark Foreman and his wife Rachel Seabolt, but rather his wife Julia Talley.  I’ve not been able to find anything about Julia Talley other than her name.  There have been other changes and corrections, also.  That’s how it goes!


The Cherokee Search

The Cherokee Search


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  1. Christopher Rowan

    Hello cousin. I am a direct descendent of Richard Bark Foreman as well. I am descended from Elizabeth Carr/Kerr, his daughter with his partner, or first wife, Catherine Elizabeth Carr/Kerr. I have a lot of info about Richard, but none about Catherine Elizabeth Carr/Kerr. I Believe she may have been Cherokee herself, since I found reference to a Cherokee name. I also believe that she may have died in childbirth. This is uncomfirmed, but I found reference to a Catherine Carr who died in childbirth. Dates and location line up. I also am seeking info about Susie Rattling Goard. I would appreciate any help you may be able to supply.

  2. Thank you for your comment, Christopher. I am little rusty with the research (it has been several years since I’ve been actively researching). Will ‘dig’ through my records and answer (as much as I can) your message.

    So thankful you contacted me!


  3. Loose notes (I did not reference where I received this information; before I copied my notes on the computer, all hard copies were destroyed in a 1998 flood – unfortunately).

    Anyway – back to loose notes;

    “There is still some controversy about Elizabeth’s father. In her divorce papers she says that she is the daughter of William Kerr, Sr and the sister of William Kerr, Jr. There is also, among the loose papers in the divorce proceedings, an injunction preventing her brother, William Kerr, Jr, administrator of the estate of William Kerr, Sr from paying any money to Samuel McJunkin from the estate and, again, William Kerr, Sr is said to be the father of Elizabeth.”

    More later . . . once I sift through ‘loose notes.’

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