James Sammons and John Sammons – Wills

James Sammon - Will

James Sammon - Will

John Sammon - Will

John Sammons - Will

When we lived in Denver, I corresponded frequently with Harriett Boozer  in Sandy Springs, Georgia.  Her Wynne family and my Sammon family intermarried and in 1989, Harriet published a book about her families, and inserted Sammon information  I shared with her.  Hadn’t thought of this in years until I became re-interested (a bad word, I know!) about genealogy research – went to Harriet’s book and reacquainted myself with the information I sent her.

The wills of any family during this time period are interesting.  Viewing copies of the original wills with the ornate handwriting brings the past alive.  [My flood story regarding the loss of these copies . . .]

My earliest known Sammons ancestor was James Sammons whose will was probated September 19, 1765.  Some researchers list Phillis Ivey as James’ wife; I have come to believe that Phillis was the widow of an Ivey (perhaps Henry) and James was her second husband.  As always, further research is required; there are always changes in this research.  Now, with DNA, there have definitely been some changes in family histories.

I descend from James Sammons’  son Williams Sammons, Sr. (whose will and information will be in another posting).  William Sammons married Rebecca Ivey and their son John Sammons (will above) married Betty Walker, who are my ancestors.

Note: after William Sammons’ wife Rebecca died, he married Annis Carroll Comer (widow of John Comer).

In later years, my branch of the family dropped the last ‘s’ in Sammons and we became Sammon.

On and on it goes!!


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