The Cap “an unconventional Holocaust memoir”

The Cap The Price of a Life by Roman Frister

The Cap The Price of a Life by Roman Frister

“Uncompromisingly frank and unsparing, The Cap is an unconventional Holocaust memoir that defies all moral judgment and ventures into the darkest terain imaginable, that of a soul blackened by the unforgiving cruelty of its surroundings.”

Josef Kruczek had prepared a perfect hideout for us.  Beneath a bale of hay tossed with deliberate carelessness on the floor of the barn was a hidden trapdoor that descended to a cellar as big as the cottage.  Before we came this had served as an abattoir.  The screeching of the slaughtered pigs remained within its walls–a big help in avoiding German confiscations and getting the meat to the black market.  Kruczek’s wife had cleaned this space for us, furnished it with three beds, a closet, and a table, and even hung a picture of the Virgin Mary on the wall before her husband brought us in a wagon piled with hay.  “She’ll protect you even though you’re Jews,” she said of the Virgin.  She was as religious as her husband.  My father took this in a good spirit and replied, “Why not?  Her son was Jewish too.”


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