My Cowan Heritage

Stephen Cowan and Elizabeth Long Cowan - my 3rd great grandparents
Stephen Cowan and Elizabeth Long Cowan – my 3rd great grandparents
Actress Lana Turner was a Cowan Descendant (discovered this after my father had died - he would have loved to have known this!)

actress Lana Turner and her mother Mildred Frances Cowan Turner

Stephen Cowan was born March 7, 1835 in Tichomingo County, Mississippi and died October 11, 1907 in Checotah, Oklahoma.  He is buried in Brush Hill Cemetery, Pierce, McIntosh County, Oklahoma.  He married Elizabeth Long February 7, 1847 in Buzzard’s Roost  (!), Franklin County, Alabama.
Actress Lana Turner (born Julia Jean Turner) was one of my dad’s favorite actresses and he would have loved to know she was a cousin.  I didn’t begin any genealogy research until years after his death.
Stephen Cowan was the son of Samuel Cowan born about 1775 in Virginia (area now Tennessee) and died about 1831 in Mississippi or Tennessee.  He married Sarah Margaret Keith (whose great grandfather was Benjamin  Borden (1675-1743).  Benjamin Borden’s land grants in the 1740s were instrumental in opening up the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.  His most important enterprise was the settlement of “Borden’s Great Tract,” a grant to him from King George II of England of 92,100 acres in what later became Rockbridge County, Virginia.  There may be lawsuits going on today regarding this land grant.

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  1. I am a descendant of Stephen Cowan through his daughter Martha Ellen. Her son John Franklin Overbey is my grandfather. My mother Altha Mae (Overbey) Rice is still living and will turn 90 in Sept. 2009. I am hoping to find out more about Stephen and his Civil War service. I have a photo of his headstone which lists him as “PVT CO A 2 ARK INF” but I have not found out any particulars about his service in that unit. If you can email me I would appreciate it. I live in New Jersey, my mother and sister are in Texas.
    Daniel Rice
    Keyport, NJ

    • My name is Chris Cowan. I also am a descendant of Stephan Cowan, through his son Albert Tell Cowan. I have only recently started looking at geneology. I would like to talk to you about our family.

      • Good to hear from another Cowan researcher, Chris. It has been several years since I’ve actively done any genealogy research – but always interested in sharing information.

        Would you happen to be on Facebook? If so, we could connect that way (privately).

  2. Patricia Cowan

    I am a descendent also through Robert Franklin Cowan, he was my grandpa. He passed away when I was 4. My dad, Roy Cowan…and mom LeEtta Cowan. My sister Ruth Cowan. All have gone now but me. I am Patricia and recently married to Everett Pruitt. I am on Facebook still as Patricia Cowan and started a page as Patty Pruitt. My mom did Geneology for 25 years.

    • Your mother was extraordinary, Patricia and had such a generous spirit.

      We corresponded for several years and shared our research and the stories of our lives.

      Alas, I lost all of these warm and interesting and helpful letters when our home flooded in 1998.

      Thank you for visiting this blog and for your comment. Will catch up with you on Facebook!

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